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Ariel webpage [ ISSN 2342-8449 ] gives in Finnish language background information about Israeli politics, defence and society excluding religious themes. The short and relatively neutral news-like articles are based on translations from direct sources. The longer Op-Ed marked articles are reflecting personal viewpoint of author so some readers might feel them to be biased and provocative.


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Ari Rusila is responsible about launching, editing and managing the Ariel webpage. He is a blogger and freelancer and former development project management expert from Finland with a special interest in the Balkan region. His other interests include geopolitics, civil crisis management issues, EU external relations, North Black Sea region and The Great Middle East. His main blog is Conflicts By Ari Rusila [aka BalkanBlog].
Contacts: E-mail-address is


English readers can better familiarize with content as follows:
  • The news-like articles are mostly translations from English to Finnish and the links to original sources are given in every post
  • The Op-Ed articles are short versions of articles published first in Conflicts By Ari Rusila , links to original are included to Ariel posts
  • The content in pages Dokumentteja [Document library] and Israelin hallinto ja media (ENG) [Administration and media in Israel] are in English.

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